Dresses: Kate Middleton's Style

I'll admit something publicly: I like People magazine. For years, I've secretly been happy when there's a short line at the grocery store so that I can look through the pictures in People. Then, a year or so ago I started looking at their website. I look at the Star Tracks and the Hit or Miss fashion stuff. I've told myself that it's how I have any clue what's going on with fashion.

Of course, People also likes to showcase the Royals. Normally, I wouldn't be interested in the Royals, but Kate's fashion is exceptional! I love how she simultaneously looks fashionable, youthful, modest, and comfortable. Obviously, I recognize that she has a team of stylists creating this look.

My hope is that more women will love it! That more women will want their dresses to be modest and attractive. That more women will recognize that being fashionable doesn't mean wearing lots of cleavage, short skirts, and/or spaghetti straps.

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DandW said...

AMEN and AMEN!!!