We have a new camera!

Thankfully, we didn't obsess over buying a new camera! We e-mailed Casey, asked what camera to buy, read his recommendation, did a price search online for the best deal, and we bought it! Seriously, it was the fastest electronic decision we've ever made! If you don't believe me, just ask Casey!

I haven't played with the camera at all since life's been a little hectic. I took this picture this morning on the way out the door to VBS. Can you guess what the day's color was???

The house is still getting organized. It'll take a while until it's to the point that satisfies me.


Anonymous said...

No kidding - that was fast! So did you go for the 100 or the 500? I'm betting the 100 (that would have been my choice).

DandW said...

That's great and Casey would never steer you wrong.
Enjoy VBS.
See y'all for lunch :).
Love yas!!