My favorite Dish Towel: Williams-Sonoma dish towel review

I've been using the same 16 dish towels for the past ten years. Let me interpret that for you:

- I've never bought any other dish towels

- I go through 2 to 4 towels a day because I use them for everything

- I use them for scrubbing counters, covering rising bread, drying dishes, wiping my hands, etc

- I wash them in super hot water

(Picture from Williams-Sonoma)

This is the towel. It's a classic Williams-Sonoma towel. They might seem pricey at $18 for four, but let me ask you this: how many cheaper towels have you bought in the past ten years after brutally using them? I've bought four packs which comes in at $72. Over ten years, that equates to each towel being valued at $.02 a day.

These towels are super absorbent, feel great, and are just textured enough to help scrub things if you need to scrub.

If you buy them at the outlet, they're usually 30% off. If you wait to buy them until you have a coupon, you can get them even cheaper!!! Buy these towels; you won't regret it!

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DandW said...

I totally agree. Some of mine are as old as yours and still in service.
Definitely buy these towels.