2011 Cherry Blossom Festival

Each year we try to venture into DC to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms. This is sort of silly because we're surrounded by cherry blossoms....why do we go fight the crowds to look at more????? We have no idea why we do this each year! The past two years we've met our friend in the city to fight the crowds together! As usual, we had a great time hanging out together!

 Do you see the people behind us? They're all crowded around the Tidal Basin.

We were leaving the chaotic part of the festival to head to the Botanical Gardens. Our friend hadn't been to the Botanical Gardens before!

Even though DC is usually busy because of all the tourists, this day was exceptionally busy. This was us crossing the street a few blocks from the cherry blossoms.

Thankfully, the Botanical Gardens weren't very busy! Unfortunately, they were closing in thirty minutes. Sigh.

Aren't you surprised I did such a great job taking this picture???! I'm normally terrible at taking pictures like these!

It's impossible to resist taking silly pictures while waiting for me to go to the bathroom!

Our daughter was thrilled to get to ride on the metro for a little bit with our friend!!! Thankfully, we got on the metro a stop in front of the cherry blossoms. It became standing room only at the next stop!

And just for comparison, here's a picture from last year! Please be nice and compare the child and not the adults!

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DandW said...

Everyone looks great in all the photos! Thanks for sharing a pretty day.