Allergy update

We had another appointment with an allergist on Monday. I can't express how impressed I am with this guy. I'm really hoping that he continues to be a good addition to our team of specialists! Here's the story of how I found him.

After a 20-30 minute consultation, we decided to do another patch test. We decided to do another one because of two reasons:
1. The way the old doctor read the tests is questionable.
2. The blood tests and prick tests were pretty inconclusive. Since the tests' accuracy rates aren't great, getting a third test might be beneficial. It might not, but at least it'll give us the most comprehensive picture we've ever had.

I feel really optimistic about the approach this doctor's taking because it'll give me the best available view into her little system. We're going to need to start doing food challenges, and I don't really want to do those until I've got the most information possible. Completing this third test will do that.

Right now, the test isn't scheduled until mid-May. I might have to push it out, though, because of a schedule conflict. I'll keep up posted of the results, though.

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