Christmas Tree Hunting

Tuesday's Take Time to Care - In my daily life, I focus a ton on nourishing my family's bodies through food. In the past few years, I haven't done as great of a job nourishing my spirit. My hope is that on Tuesdays I can remind myself how to take the time to exercise, do art, connect with a friend, do a good deed for another, or see the world through someone else's eyes.

My husband and I are definitely lacking when it comes to festive spirits...we fully believe in celebrating the holidays, but we're not ones for decorating or doing the hoopla involved. So, when it comes to Santa, we just don't think of taking our daughter each year. 

Many parents do make the trek to the mall in their Christmas best and take wonderfully adorable (or hilarious) pictures. We take our daughter to a farm to cut down our own Christmas tree that has huge slides, all sorts of climbers, hay rides, a petting farm, and chickens roaming around free when it's 35 degrees outside.

Notice the dirt all over her pants and shoes? As the picture indicates, she didn't want to talk to Santa. For that matter, she didn't even want to talk to me to tell me what was on her list to tell Santa. I just had to remember and tell him. When I didn't give enough details about one item, she did finally whisper it to remind me. Otherwise, she was silent!

So, why is this post in Take Time to Care? Because we had a great family outing that was good for all of our souls. We arrived at the farm around 12. It had enough people there to feel festive but not so many people it felt like we could loose our daughter in the crowd. This gave her freedom and us freedom. 

Being outside in the beautiful day did all of spirits well. We were bundled up and ready for the cold so we didn't even notice it! 

The only damper to the day was the actual hunting of the Christmas tree. Their trees were not healthy enough for me. Yes, I'm picky, but the tips of the needles were yellowing. Once we were all getting frustrated at each other, we decided to head back to the slides. This made her happy. I was proud at myself for not letting the lack of Christmas tree ruin the whole experience. Instead, we enjoyed everything else, and we found a tree today!

It was wonderful to have a low-stress family outing that was fun for everyone! I'm so thankful we had the necessary clothes to make it enjoyable despite the cold weather and thrilled to live in an area that offers so much for families nearby!

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