A Thanksgiving Message....

My daughter and I ran to the grocery store this morning to get the filet mignon for Thanksgiving dinner (she's allergic to turkey, and my husband and I don't care much for it anyway). The store was CRAZY! So crazy, that I didn't want to go anywhere else after surviving the experience. I'm so glad we came straight home.

When we made it home, one of my neighbors was at his car loading his trunk. We said general niceties, and then he asked me, "Do you believe in the power of prayer?" I was so caught off-guard I almost didn't know how to answer. I pulled it together, though, and said "Yes. Is everything okay?" He asked me to pray for my other neighbor. He did share some explanation as to why he was asking, but he primarily kept the information private. As we talked, I couldn't help but think to myself how sometimes you have to be hit-on-the-head to get a message.

You see, the past few months have been rough. There are plenty of reasons why, but there's no need to discuss those. What's important to talk about is how several times throughout these past few months I've recognized that I have not been doing a good job focusing on my faith. However, I've done all sorts of other things to try to make things better, EXCEPT focusing on my faith. Today, a man was sent to my door step to ask if I believe in the power of prayer because his friend needs prayer.

Sometimes, the things we need to be thankful for are obvious: family, friends, shelter, safety, etc. Other times, the things we need to be thankful for are hard to recognize: an acquaintance asking you if you believe in prayer, a smile from a stranger on a rough day, etc.

So this Thanksgiving, I'll be giving thanks for being hit-upside-the-head ... and for family, friends, shelter, food, safety, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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DandW said...

Beautiful message and good reminder of the importance of caring. You obviously gave this man a sense that he could ask the question -- that's wonderful.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Much love