Monday's Menu

Mondays Menu - I've found that menu planning reduces my stress during the week. It does so by answering the dreaded "What's for diner tonight?" question and by saving money since I know exactly what I need to buy at the grocery store. Sometimes it's really hard to come up with a menu each week that meets my daughter's allergy needs. My hope is that we can share our menus here to inspire each other with new menu ideas.

Oops. It's halfway through Monday and I just realized I forgot to post the menu for the week. I've also been forgetting to take pictures so all you get is a cute one of me and my daughter!

Monday: Sloppy Joe's with homemade sourdough

Tuesday: buy-one, get-one pizza from Whole Food's fire burning oven

Wednesday: Salmon and goat cheese ravioli

Thursday: Cinnamon rolls, egg salad sandwiches, razmataz, carrot cake, beef roast, rolls, stuffing, canned cranberry sauce (my husband insists), creamed corn, peas

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: spaghetti pie

Sunday: French bread casserole

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