What muffin pan to buy - Chefmate from Target

We went on a trip this summer. I had cooked muffins to take with us on the trip. I thought my husband was going to clean the pans; he thought I was going to clean them. It turned out that neither of us cleaned them, but one of us put water in them. When we came home two weeks later, the muffin pans were rusted.

To replace the pans, I bought some Wilton muffin and mini muffin pans. After one use, I knew they weren't going to work. The top of the muffins looked beautiful, but the bottoms were burned. I took them back. I was at Target one day and saw some very inexpensive pans. Since I needed to bake that night, I bought them. They're great! They evenly cook both the top and the bottoms of the muffins! Hooray!

This picture is from Target's website. According to their site, you can only buy these pans in the store. I think they're a great value and recommend you pick them up if you need new pans. You can't make things at home if you don't have good tools!

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Kim said...

Yea! I always wondered about the Target brand. I have some Baker's Secret that I think are either from WalMart or HEB, and they're also good. This just shows that you don't have to buy expensive things to get good results! :)