Thoughtful Spending: Freezing, Homemade Freezer Jam

Have you noticed I love my freezer? I love it so much I have two! A deep freezer and a refrigerator freezer. I love it so much that I have it in my tiny kitchen so that it's easy to use!

Freezing foods saves money! If you're about to go out-of-town, throw you're food in a freezer. If you love blueberries on your cereal, buy a ton when they're in season and throw them in the freezer. My ideas go on and on.....I'll spare you and let you look through these articles:

Mark Bittman: The New York Times
University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service
Good Housekeeping

My latest freezing adventure: homemade blueberry freezer jam.

1. Wash the organic blueberries. Please buy organic blueberries. Check out some of these links if you don't believe me; The Daily Green; FoodNews; Huffington Post.

2. Follow the recipe found in the box of low-sugar Sure-Jell. Let your eager child help you!

3. Pour into your containers and let cool 24 hours before putting in the freezer. Label them! I use plastic containers because I tend to drop things in the freezer. I know about the debate between plastic and glass. Sometimes I just need plastic.

This is tastes AWESOME! Really. I swear! You can tell the difference! Have you ever made it before?

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