Do you know what's in your chicken?

I sat down to menu plan and, surprise, got distracted by the internet. Ideally, I'd post this tomorrow, but I can't help myself to get it out now.

A favorite food information source of mine is They published an article about chicken. We stopped eating chicken a while ago, but many families rely on it as a good source of protein. Probably believing it's healthy protein. According to this article, your healthy chicken may not be so healthy since it could be some of the millions of chickens plumped up. Unfortunately, you don't know since it's not required to be labeled.

That's great isn't it. You buy chicken to take it home to cook it in a healthy way to be healthy. The chicken you carefully picked out, though, is LOADED with salt and you've eaten an exorbitant amount of salt, with no way to find out about it. Awesome.

If you can't tell by my writing style tonight, I'm very irritated with this information. There are so many people out there with health problems thinking that they've successfully reduced their salt intake. Surprise: they just bought chicken loaded with salt! High levels of salt can trigger all sorts of diseases to act up.

I beg you. Please stay/become informed about how our food is being sold to us. Read this blog or some other blog to just slowly learn a little more. If you don't do anything with that information, cool. At least you'll be making an informed decision to not do anything with it.

I promise to get busy providing details about the food you're eating. This story was fantastic motivation for me! Off to menu plan....might be a day late since I got so distracted (I'm about to spend a while researching chicken).


Sue Hickman said...

Yes indeed, Renee! I highly encourage all to view the video, "Food, Inc". It is available on Netflix, even "on demand". We should all be knowledgeable about where the foods we eat come from.

Renee @ said...

That was a great movie! Have you watched King Corn or The Future of Food yet? Two more good (shocking) documentaries about where our food comes from. Both available on Netflix and/or Hulu.