What's up with allergies: Food Dye Alternatives (Homemade or Natural Food Colorings)

As I've mentioned before, food dyes are not welcome in our house! But, I have to admit, I'm getting a little tired of our white cakes! Don't get me wrong, the flavor of my icings is great! I have two favorite recipes I use over and over:

Homemade Powdered Sugar Glaze: All it is is powdered sugar and lemon juice. I wish I could give you more details, but I haven't measured this recipe in so long I can't even begin to guess at the proportions. Basically, throw some powdered sugar in a cup, pour in a touch of lemon juice, and then stir. Keep adding either ingredient until you get the right consistency. Instead of lemon juice, you can use chocolate sauce, water with cinnamon, etc. to get different flavors.

Homemade White Icing: My favorite white icing recipe I found on the Martha Stewart website.

Despite how good these homemade icings are, I think my daughter is going to figure out very soon that really cute cakes have food dyes! I've decided there are a few ways to make a "cute cake" with lots of food coloring. Here are my solutions:

First: Fondant. It's my personal experience that fondant does not taste good. Therefore, it seems reasonable to me to be able to use dyed fondant to add some cute appeal but not eat it. I hadn't even thought of this option until I read a post at C. Beth's Blog. She made an adorable cake where most of it is covered with edible icing and the rest uses non-edible fondant (that, of course, is my opinion of fondant! I'm sure her entire cake was delicious!)

Second: Homemade food colored icing. I was hoping that I'd have tried some of these by the time I wrote this post, but, alas, I haven't. I'm hoping to try them soon, but, to be honest, I don't have a lot of motivation with the weather turning warmer. Who wants to be inside making cakes when you can be outside eating a homemade popsicle?! I have spent some time researching how to make homemade food colorings, though, and these are the sites that intrigue me most. Ehow - homemade food coloring,  Healthy Happy Life,  DIY Chatroom

Third: Store Bought Natural Food Colorings. Again, I haven't tried making icing with this product, but I did see the colored sprinkles in Whole Foods the other day. The liquid dye is intriguing to me...maybe it's worth having in a pinch or for a small amount of dye?  India Tree Natural Decorating Colors Set, 3-Count Packages 2.25 ounces (Pack of 2)

Do you have any other ways to make cute cakes without loading them with up with toxic food colorings? Please help me out here! I'm going to have a very unhappy little girl soon if I don't stop making these white cakes!

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Sasha said...

Loved seeing Beth's name on there- she's a good friend of mine from a birth board since WC and Chickie are both Jan 06 babies. Such a small world...