Take Time to Care: Cards

There's a lost art in our society, and I'm sorry to admit that I'm a contributor to this problem! We don't right cards or letters or notes or anything hand written as much as we used to write them.

Next week, a very good friend of mine will be entering the court room to fight a frustrating legal battle. The whole situation is awful, and she's been amazing throughout this drawn-out process. The end-of-the-road is near, though, and the height of her anxiety is here.

Much to my dismay, I'll be out-of-town on the big day. The day that will decide what her family looks like for a little while. In an attempt to show her that I care, my daughter and I wrote out seven cards. A couple were sentimental, a couple were dorky, and a few were just simple. Despite the differing type of individual message on each card, the whole message of the gift is simple: we care; we're thinking about you even thought we're away; we're here to support you. Hopefully, these written messages will provide a least one smile a day next week as she's going through this battle.

We're trying to teach my daughter the importance of writing. When she first wrote my name on the envelope she's holding above I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement! She did it all on her own, and it was wonderful! Maybe all the thank you notes we've had her make over the years is starting to impart the value of the written message. I'll try next week to talk about these hand made thank you notes from a child. This week, I'll tell you that she felt great helping me write out all the cards for our family friend. She was eager to make the cards for our friend and give them, too. She recognized that the type of gift isn't nearly as important as the gift of showing you care.

How do you like to show you care through the written word?

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