Take Time To Care: My Neti Pot

There's the old adage "Before you can care for others you need to care for yourself." Well, this Christmas my husband gave me a Neti Pot to help with my allergies! I'm very hard to buy for so this was actually a great gift, especially considering I'd been wanting one for a while! My very proud hubby enjoyed taking pictures of me using it for the first time, and it was a family event (see my daughter's hand)! It doesn't take much to entertain us...

I love my neti pot. It rocks! I've had pretty severe allergies since moving to the east coast and drugs just weren't cutting it.  I'd seen one used on Oprah and on Martha Stewart. A few friends had one, and my mom shares a funny story about her cousin's husband using one. I was excited to try it!

In the midst of the worst spring allergies I've every experienced, my neti pot was a savior. Each morning and night, I'd stand there waiting and waiting for that water to pour out of my nose to loosen things up and clean things out. Along with my miraculous acupuncturist, I am now breathing through my nose again!

Now, when huge goops of grossness don't come pouring out, I get slightly disappointed, but I'll save you from those details.....

For four straight weeks, I'd been trying to care for my family and help out friends while being miserable with my allergies. It was extremely hard to serve all those other people while feeling like my head my explode. If you have the same problems, or even the common cold, you might want to try taking care of yourself with this simple, non-invasive neti-pot. And, no, I have not talked to the Himalayan Institute about their product before. This is just the one I bought and thought you might like it, too.

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DandW said...

Sometimes what is old is new again. I'm glad the neti-pot is working so well for you.