So I like: Vanicream Sunscreen

A little while ago, I tried a new makeup, and it was awful! My face had a horrible reaction that still has prevented me from wearing any new makeup. After the reaction resisted going away, I finally gave in and went to a dermatologist. While the appointment was terrible, she at least gave me a sunscreen to try: Vanicream Sunscreen. She also gave me the moisturizer, but I didn't care for the smell of it.

I've been using the sunscreen for several months now and have really liked it. It seems to protect my skin well and doesn't make me break out so I'm happy! This is a rarity for my skin!

I just bought the SPF 60 on Amazon since the SPF 30 didn't have free super saver shipping. Today I see that neither has free shipping. I used it today, and, so far, haven't had any problems!

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