How do you like the new look?

A sister-to-me sent me some feedback and confirmed my thoughts....the website needed lots more! And I needed to figure out how to do that. Even though I don't have hardly any web experience (does a college assignment count?), I decided to give it a go.

So here we are: a new look with new pages with plans for new content.

My hope is for this to become a place for useful information for you. A place where you can learn about your food, about our nation's food. A place where I share how I try to nourish my family's life through food, friends, and family.

I'll give you a hint as to how I'm nourishing it today....this site. Please indulge me. Browse the new pages. Give me feedback. Tell me if it's on a better track.

I'll start getting new posts up soon once I establish more of the foundation of the site...keep checking back!


Sasha said...

The redesign looks fabulous!

DandW said...

I like the new design!