Slowly Getting Fit...I started!

Yay! I'm so excited to report that I actually worked out this week. Not once. Not twice. Not three times. FOUR TIMES!

I decided on Monday morning that I'd had enough moaning and groaning about my flabby self. You see, I'm small by nature. My body naturally stays fairly thin. I'm petite. But, and this but many of you won't agree with, I still get flabby and untoned. I used to work out all the time to stay on top of this, but it just hasn't happened since we moved here. In regards to my workout routine, I'm sad to say we moved here two years ago.

So Monday morning I had a revelation that her watching thirty minutes of PBS kids while I worked out is not a big deal. We're pretty tv averse in our house. In fact, we donated all our tvs but one, and it's in the basement. For whatever reason, I hadn't previously thought to myself: "Everyone will be happy if she watched tv while I workout for thirty minutes."

My new routine is to ride my bike which is hooked up to a stationary trainer while doing arm weights for 20-25 minutes. Then I stretch with some back and ab strengthening. This week I also met up with a friend for a walk.

The bike trainer we have is a Minoura M50LT-W with remote. We have no complaints. It works just like it's supposed to and it was "reasonably" priced.

The weights I was using were just three and five pound hand weights.

I also use and exercise ball for back strengthening.

Are you exercising? Get on can't nourish your family without being in good physical health which starts by working out! I'm hoping this week was the start to my new routine!

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