Slowly getting fit: Not going so well

I was really hoping my first Getting Fit post would have something great in it. You know, like me actually slowly getting fit. Currently, my fitness level is sitting on the couch typing this entry!

Since I have no fitness achievements to report, I'll talk about acupuncture! I started seeing an acupuncturist about two months ago for non-specific health concerns. Way back then I told her I really wanted to focus more on exercise, and I stuck with that for about two weeks! Then life got in the way again, and I fell off the wagon. Despite me not holding up my end of the bargain, she's doing a great job holding up her end of the bargain!

I'm feeling better overall. My moods are more level. My endometriosis was less painful. My allergies are getting better. I can't pinpoint an exact reason, but I'm optimistic that it's the acupuncture. Since nothing else in my life has changed (certainly not my fitness level!), I'm attributing it to the acupuncture.

I was a huge skeptic, but I needed something different to help me feel better. I knew a doctor wouldn't be the best answer because I didn't want tests or drugs. I wanted a whole body healing to center me. So while I'm not exercising (yet), I am working on becoming healthier.

Thankfully, I know how to budget to cover the costs. It's pricey! And it's not covered by insurance. I'm happy to report that I feel the results are good enough to keep going back and paying the cash. I'll keep you posted on how it's going!

I'll get to the exercising in June.

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