Low-sugar Energy Balls

I stopped making my original energy balls because they were sweeter than I wanted and not quite hardy enough for me....and because we lived off them for over a year!!  Truly, I just got tired of making them!

When I read Snack Girl's Energy Ball post, I decided to reintroduce them into our food repertoire. Her version had chopped nuts that intrigued me, and they had no sweetener.

Of course, I had to make some changes to meet our allergy needs, and my family really wanted a little bit of sweetener so I added in honey.

Snack Girl's Allergy-Adapted, Low- Sugar Energy Ball Recipe:
- 1 cup roasted peanuts (we LOVE Trader Joe's Buster Brown peanuts)
- 1/4 cup dried organic raisins
- 1/4 cup dried cherries
- 1/2 organic natural peanut butter
- 1/2 cup organic oats
- 2 TBS honey
- 1 TBS dark chocolate chips

1. Place peanuts in food processor and pulse until chopped.
2. Add in all other ingredients and pulse until chopped and blended evenly.
3. Make 1 inch balls! (Tip: if your balls don't hold together, add in a little water and pulse again)


sophie said...

Just wondering - why roasted nuts? All I keep being told by nutritionists is to stick to raw nuts... is it a flavor thing and if so would adding salt be the same?

Renee said...

Peanuts aren't actually nuts; they are legumes. You can eat them raw, but there is risk of a bacteria on them when they are raw. For peanuts, the taste is considerably better when roasted!

In regards to other nuts, there is a large group of people who feel raw nuts provide more health benefits. There are others who feel it's not important, or they can't eat them raw because of indigestion.