How to follow a recipe from a video:

Do you ever watch cooking shows and then try to mimic the recipes at home, only to be disappointed either by how hard it was to make or by how it tasted?

You, too?

There's a few things I've learned over the years that I thought I'd pass along. This video by Everyday food is a great "learning video" of how to take what's on the show and apply it at home with great results! It's almost all in the video.... just a few things aren't spelled out.

1. Heat your pan while you're prepping the steaks, but not with your oil in it.  To Prep the steaks, LIBERALLY salt them and add pepper if desired. (NOTE: you can substitute with a flank or skirt steak, too)
2. Throw into pan. Set a timer for four minutes. Do NOT move steaks.
3. Wash and prep the green beans.
4. Flip steaks.
5. Set timer for four minutes.
6. Smash garlic to peel and then slice.
7. Rinse tomatoes.
8. Drain and rinse beans.
9. Take out steaks, squeeze a lime over the steaks, and tent with foil, set timer for ten minutes.
10. Drain pan.
11. Add olive oil and green beans.
12. Cover for one minute.
13. Add tomatoes and garlic.
14. Season with salt and pepper and vinegar or lime juice.
15. Cook until tomatoes are soft.
16. Cut and plate as shown in video.

Following cooking videos can be easy and successful! Enjoy your one-pan meal that's healthy and satisfying....that takes only a few minutes to cook!

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