Outside Magazine's Unschooling Article

Outside magazine's objective is to present coverage on "sports, people, places, adventures, discoveries, environmental issues, health and fitness, gear and apparel, trends, and events that define the active lifestyle."

So you can imagine my surprise when the cover of the magazine teased: "Special Report: Take Your Kids Out of Schools. Why Adventure is the Future of Education."

What???!!! A magazine that has nothing to do with education has a feature article about, not only education, but homeschooling! 

(A habitat made by my daughter & her cousins. A frog, lizard, huge ant, & beetle are all living together in that jar!)

The article presented a reasonably researched, fair account of what is popularly known as Unschooling. Basically, the family works as a team to do the necessary tasks required at their home, encourages their boys to learn through exploring in the woods, through a homeschool group, and through general living while monitoring their boys' reading and math abilities. 

I recommend that you hop over to Outside's website to read the article. It's a very nice representation of why some families choose to homeschool and presents a positive message about the kids who are homeschooled.

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DandW said...

This is great! Well done!