Baby Steps

As I surf the food blogs on the web, I often feel inadequate about my healthy food journey.

I see women who grow and can all the food their families eat. They make absolutely everything from scratch. They never use (gasp) sugar. They don't have any plastic in their homes. And, to boot, they don't spend any money on groceries.

It's overwhelming to read how perfectly healthy they eat. 

(Photo by: OakleyOriginals)

When I feel this way, I'm reminded that some readers of this blog may feel the same way about the food in my house. Please don't. I'm a real person in a modest kitchen who spends a lot of money on food each month!

The way I eat and cook now is a result of years of work and training. I didn't one day wake up and say "I'm going to eat all organic, have a garden, cook everything from scratch, and give up gluten."

Instead, I woke up one day, after my daughter was sick all the time, recognizing that I HAD to make changes in my kitchen to keep her alive. So, step-by-step my kitchen transformed into what it is today: it's stocked with healthy food options that are usually homemade from a collection of kitchen appliances that make my food preparation a little easier. 

And, just-so-you-know, it's not always a glorious place with gourmet food. Sometimes, we eat scrambled eggs with left-over veggies for dinner. Or sometimes, we eat a bowl of granola. On really late nights, we might just eat a bowl of popcorn. And, usually, you'll find the sink or the counter littered with dirty dishes waiting for the dishwasher.

So, wherever you are on your food journey, please remember that every baby-step you take towards healthier eating is awesome! Don't compare where you are in your food journey to an internet blogger; instead, compare your journey to where you were in the past. You're doing great!

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