Ziploc Lunch Containers

I was in Target about a month ago buying Parchment Paper (if you don't utilize parchment to make your clean-up easier, I recommend starting to now!), when I noticed lunch containers made by Ziploc.

For a while, I'd been frustrated with using so many plastics baggies for meals-on-the-go, but I hadn't come up with an alternative that met my requirements, which were:

1. Leakproof - who wants to clean-up a mess when you're hungry?
2. Relatively Inexpensive - I just couldn't drop $80 on a stainless steel container that leaked!
3. Relatively Compact - I wanted it to fit in one of our (many) insulated lunch bag options.
4. Appropriately Sized Compartments - If the compartments were too big, I'd need to still use baggies inside the compartments.
5. Reusable - My goal of replacing the baggies was to reduce what was being thrown-away each day.
6. Allergy-Friendly -  I wanted the food to be in a serve-able container so that when we were eating somewhere other than our home, I didn't need to worry about cross-contamination.

(These are snacks for VBS)

I'm IN LOVE with my new Ziploc lunch containers!!!!

1. They haven't leaked on us yet!
2. They cost less than $5 for two of them!
3. They fit inside all the lunch bags we own (I like the fit in the Lands End bag the best).
4. The compartments are perfect portion sizes for a healthy meal!
5. They are easy to wash (I *gasp* put them in the dishwasher even though they are plastic!!)
6. They store food and serve food so I don't have to worry about contamination from other people's houses at all!

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Sophie said...

Okay, so I saw this post a bit late. Also trying to cut plastic here. I ended up going with Klean Kanteen and Thermos brands for containers. And I just saw some segmented lunch boxes on Pottery Barn Kids that looked interesting, but I did not buy them. Clearly, "relatively inexpensive" was not on my list BUT I did shop around for the best price on these brands to save what few dollars I could.