Organic Fruits and Vegetables

I'm sure you've seen the scientific debates about whether or not organic produce is worth the added cost to buy and eat. It seems that the loudest argument against buying organic fruits and veggies is that scientists cannot definitively, without a shadow of a doubt, confirm that you will be healthier by eating organic produce. 

In my opinion, though, that should be only one factor in the decision to buy organic food.

Of course, I would like to think that I am healthier by eating my more expensive organic food, but the likelihood of that is unknown. Way too many factors contribute to the healthfulness of my produce beyond the classification of organic.

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For example, a tomato grown closer to my home and eaten by me a day after it is picked is thought to be healthier than a tomato shipped in from Mexico. The soil that my tomato grows in makes a big difference, too, in how healthy it is. 

So why do I buy organic produce? Because of the environmental and political reasons:
1. Organic food is safer for the farmers and farm workers to be around. 
2. Organic food allows farmers to save seeds, swap seeds, and distribute seeds.
3. Organic food, to me, usually has more flavor.
4. Organic food makes a statement that I want our land to be used for producing more than GMO soy, corn, etc.
5. Organic food keeps the ground healthier.
6. Organic food keeps the bees healthier.

Now, obviously, someone who doesn't agree with me, can state that organic food drains our resources more, still uses unhealthy, natural chemicals to grow the food (harming the workers and the land), and that the bees are dying from a virus or birds.

The truth of the matter is that, no matter how much we try to understand the intricacies of health, nutrition, and the environment, we can't know everything.

So, what produce should you buy? Well, if you can afford organic, local food, buy it! If finances are tight, then buy as much produce as you can, whether it's organic or not!

It seems to me that pretty much everyone has agreed that eating loads of produce is always a healthier choice than eating a box of donuts, regardless of if it's organic or not!!!

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