A Funny List of Why Kids Won't Eat Dinner

(Photo By: Carl Milner)

I was reading the Huffington Post recently and saw a blog post by 'Lunch Box Dad'. He listed out 39 reasons why his son won't eat his dinner....a conversation I had just had with my daughter the night before!

My daughter is in a phase where, it seems, ANYTHING I cook she hates....unless, as she informed me, it's pancakes or baked potatoes.


In my brain, I was screaming: "You're the daughter of a person trying to start a business of healthy eating!!!! Those two foods CANNOT meet all your food needs!!!!" 

Out loud, I turned into my mother: "Well, that's what's for dinner and starving children around the world would be grateful...no ELATED...over that plate of food so please try to eat it."

At the end of dinner, she said: "Hmmm....I forgot that I like spaghetti with meat sauce."

If you're a parent, go read the 'Lunch Box Dad' blog post; I think you'll find it funny!


DandW said...

I read the Dad's blog -- thanks for the good laugh AND walk down memory lane!

Sophie said...

I SO needed that, thank you!!!