Often times when I hear friends/acquaintances talking about organizing, I am confused by all the paraphernalia they say they need to run to the store to buy to accomplish their organizational goals.

Here's the deal with organizing: organizing only works if you simplify.

If you create a crazy-hard organizational system with lots and lots of stuff to organize, then you'll never stick to it! Get rid of stuff! Then, you shouldn't need more and more bins to organize. More and more bins only make organizing harder because it creates more steps to the process of organizing. You don't need more to organize, you need less.

This weekend at a picnic a new friend asked if I was an organized person. My husband was standing right next to me when the question was asked, and he laughed out loud. After I told her I was organized, she ask how do I keep the house organized with other people constantly "helping" me.

My response was this:
1. keep only the stuff that you use and need,
2. keep that stuff in places that are easy to access for getting it out and putting it away, and
3. keep the system crazy-simple so that other members don't have to work hard to follow it.

I've felt so much more at peace since I started combing through my house to declutter, organize, and simplify over the past few weeks. I hope that you feeling more at peace with your surroundings, too!

(If you're looking for a way to make your simplified surroundings look really nice, too, here's a list of ideas on how to hide your stuff!)

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DandW said...

Very clever ideas at that link! Especially hiding the laundry baskets in a drawer! BTW, loving that small vac with all the attachments!
All the flower photography is wonderful.