Welcome to Feeding Our Lives, LLC!!!


I was hoping to introduce my new company once all the details were set in place, but that's just going to take TOO long so I'm going to introduce my new venture now!

After years of thinking about opening my own consulting company, I finally decided to take the plunge and do it! What will I be doing you ask? Well, I'll be helping people learn how to live more naturally through small or simple changes in their homes and in their food choices. Hence, I hope to help people Feed Their Lives through healthy choices mentally, physically, and nutritionally!

Like I said, everything isn't all figured out yet, but the big picture of Feeding Our Lives is this (my logo will be ready soon!!):
1. Work with individuals to teach them how to grocery shop, cook, menu plan, meet dietary restrictions such as food allergies, eat more cleanly, and educate them about food.

2. Work with groups to teach one or two of the topics just listed in a "party" setting.

3. Write on my blog snip-its of healthy living ideas, including simple skin care, nutritious food, natural cleaning and air purification, reducing hidden toxins, eating with food allergies, living more simply, homeschooling, exercising, and reframing the way we all see our lives.

Just like I will expect my clients to only take baby steps when transitioning to a more healthy lifestyle, I will take baby steps in growing my business. Please join me on my new adventure!


DandW said...

Terrific picture!! Glad to see this entry -- keep going!

Anonymous said...

Chica, I am so happy to read this! It's about time!!! ;-) I have been hoping you would do this...I have no doubt you will be successful, and more importantly help many, many people around you. Love you.