Mattress Alternative: How to Make Your Own Mattress

Once you discover you're allergic to a bed, it's really hard to go buy a new one. Even an organic bed can be scary to buy because it's still a processed 'thing' that's been through a factory to be made (not to mention it's expensive!!). There are still chemicals on it; just different chemicals that someone has deemed to be more safe than other chemicals.

I'm not sure how I came up with the idea, but I decided that I could make my own mattress. And, thankfully, my parents and husband were crazy enough to help me out!

Step 1:
Order 2 Twin-size Ketly PVC-free air mattresses from REI.  (PVC-free is the key here. These are made out of TPI which is horrible for the environment to manufacture, but it does not off-gas. Also, you want two twins as opposed to one queen because if two people are sleeping on the queen you'll never get the air-pressure right unless you're both always in the bed at the same time.)

Step 2:
Build a king size frame out of plywood and 2x4s to lay on top of existing queen size platform bed.

Step 3: 
Buy a thick king size mattress pad from Khol's on clearance and wash it a few times.

Step 4:
Round up old sleeping bags, flannel sheets, and blankets from around the house.

Step 5:
Cover the plywood platform bed with a layer or two of flannel sheets. And then put your bed-skirt on over it.

Step 6: 
Blow-up beds and put them next to each other.

Step 7: 
So that the beds don't make noise touching each other, take an old cotton sheet and put it between the two mattresses.

Step 8: 
Put down your "comfort layers" of old sleeping bags, blankets, etc.

Step 9:
Cover all the comfort layers with the mattress pad. (Note: sometimes our mattress pad gets buried below sleeping bags because we have to borrow the sleeping bags from our bed for sleep overs!)

Step 10:
Make up your new bed with cozy sheets!!!!

And, in case you think the bed is only for home, here is our bed in our tent this past October:


DandW said...

Problem solving has always been one of your strong suits!! Job well done!!

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