Used Books Make Me Happy

I have a list of blogs that I enjoy reading regularly. One of the blogs, SortaCrunchy, recently posted about happiness. She listed all the little things that makes her happy.

The blog post has stuck with me. I think that often times we think about the big things that we hope will make us happy. But, unfortunately, often times there's so much expectation surrounding that “big thing” that we just get disappointed.

After my long few months of major allergic reactions, I've come to appreciate and look for the little things that occur frequently that make me happy.

One of these things is buying used books.
(Our daughter has always loved books, too!)

I have always enjoyed book stores. About 15 minutes from my house as a kid was a Barnes and Noble that also had a full Starbucks attached. This set-up is normal in today's world, but it was quite uncommon back then. A favorite past time of mine was going to Starbucks, buying a decaf grande coffee frappacino with chips, and strolling through the bargain book section of Barnes. You just never knew what you'd find in that section!

On vacations, I'd be excited to find a used bookstore nearby where I was staying. I remember a wonderful discovery one trip to my aunt and uncle's in Huntington Beach, CA: within walking distance there was a used book store!!! That location couldn't have been more perfect: surf shops, frozen yogurt, and a used book store!!!! Oh, and the beach!

Despite my love of used book stores, I rarely bought books since I moved so much once I reached college age. Books are like lead when moving. They are brutal to move. And we moved a lot (7 times in 10 years, not counting the yearly moves into and out of college dorms). For each move, I gave away more books until we had just a few books that were favorites.

But, now, we're done moving which means I can buy books!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine me jumping up and down and dancing and twirling!!! And, guess what? We homeschool which means I have a REASON to buy books!!!!!!!!!! I need to buy books!!! Whoo Hoo!!!! (Ok, fine. I acknowledge that there's a remarkable library just down the road from me which means I don't necessarily have to buy the books to have homeschool material. Anyway.....)

Have you picked up on how happy this makes me? Books. Those little paper things with black text on them brings me great joy. Having bookshelves of them to choose from based on my mood and need gives me great joy.

And, let me now tell you something so exciting: I live near the ultimate used book store. The used children's books (which are often new) are $.10. The adult books are $.25. Oh. My. Goodness.
(Our daughter reading before bed when she was about 2.5 years old)

I eagerly anticipate my trips to this store. I block out all the chaos of the store (they don't just sell books) and zone into my search for books that I think our family or friends would love. Just the other day, I bought 36 books (6 of them being brand new hard backs) for a whopping total of $4.20. There were brand new books as gifts, books for homeschooling, a favorite book of my husband's, a favorite author for me, and fun readers for my daughter.

Inexpensive used books. My little source of happiness. :)  

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