Homeschool Ideas: Electricity Lesson

As you already read, we are officially unschoolers. This means that, when our daughter decided to fall in love with electricity, I jumped to figure out how to learn about it!

This is how we've been studying electricity:

1. Snap Circuit 300 (my mom found these new on Ebay at much cheaper)

2. Playdoh electricity circuits

3. Electricity class at a local science center

4. Magic School Bus: Gets Charged

5. Electricity show by the Happy Scientist (we were just lucky about the timing of this one as he was performing his electricity show at a homeschool conference we were attending)

6. Energy video by the Happy Scientist

7. Books from our library:
How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning (Schanzer)
Lightning (Seymour)
Blackout (Rocco)
Charged Up (Bailey) *****NOTE: This book does have false information in it so I don't recommend it
Switch On, Switch Off (Berger)
The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip
Magic School Bus Electric Storm 

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