"Girls Can Do It"

My dad was in town last weekend, and he wanted to watch the Daytona 500. If he hadn't been here, we wouldn't have known that the race was on, and that would have been a big shame because Danica Patrick was racing.

We all watched it, including my daughter. I think the only reason she was interested in the race was because Danica Patrick was racing, and, even better, she was starting the race!

Why am I telling you this? Because this morning she came downstairs in another unique outfit, and she told me "I'm going to be a race car driver today." There was only one problem: she didn't have a race car.

Now she does! You can't see the steering wheel, but it's in there, too. She happily informed me that "Girls Can Do It" when she was talking about racing cars. She and her friend are upstairs decorating it now.

(And just for the record, moms can build race cars, too!)

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