Right now, I am....

- planning for our (warm) beach trip that just can't get here fast enough! Last time we went it was really cold.

- a little behind on mending some clothes (as in, they've been in the basement haunting me for a year!)

- glad I trusted my gut and regretfully declined participating in a morning class for our daughter next year. Keeping our mornings for school work is very good for us.

- delighted my daughter is enjoying nature camp this week!

- anxious about teaching our daughter enough this year. (NOTE: anxious is often misused; it does not mean excitement. It means worry, unease, or nervousness.)

- hoping that I can learn some techniques to de-stress and wind-down better in the coming months.

- happy to have spent the all day yesterday (except for my dentist appt) having fun with friends! We even went rock climbing!

- thinking about menu planning....the job that never ends :(

- remembering one of my best friends who refuses to live in this country. I was so sad I couldn't pick up the phone and call her yesterday to just say "hi"

- thankful for all the technology that lets me keep in touch with family and friends across the world.

- planning a trip to New York City! We bought tickets to go see Mary Poppins while we're there, and we're all very excited!

- relieved to have the first unit study planned and organized for the start of school!!! We're going to study pirates.

- delighted that our furniture refinishing project turned out great! All we need to do still is put the doors on it before I write a before and after post. Problem is that we can't find appropriate hinges.......

looking forward to the team-effort my girlfriend and I created to homeschooling next year. I think my daughter will think she's died and gone to heaven to homeschool with her best friend!

- thinking about how to relax about spending money on "fun" things, like the rock climbing we did yesterday!

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