Paul Graham's High School Speech

A high-school graduation speech by Paul Graham (that was apparently never given) was forwarded to me the other day. I recommend you go read it.

(Graduating with my Master's, 9 months pregnant!)

In summary, Mr. Graham says that the standard high-school graduation speech goes something like this: "Don't Give Up on Your Dreams," and he wanted to change that message by encouraging graduates to:
1. surround themselves by truly smart people
2. have ambition
3. not follow others for the sake of following and not rebel for the sake of rebelling
4. follow their curiosity
5. not wait to be taught something, but to go out and learn something

I like this speech. Technically speaking, there were problems with the speech, but the message was a good reminder of how you don't have to have everything figured out in life right now, and you don't need to know what you are going to be when you grow up.

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