Let's Try This Again!

Our church has Vacation Bible School this week. Yesterday, I was chatting with another volunteer about food allergies. She felt I might have some helpful knowledge for her family's food allergy journey and asked for my contact information.

A few years ago, I printed business cards for this blog that included my name, phone number, and e-mail. I handed her one of these cards to give her my contact information and told her that she needn't worry about the website on it because I haven't been able to keep up with it in a while. Then, she read the subtitle of my business card and told me it summed up what she's trying to do, too, at her house:

Feeding an allergic child. Trying to eat organic, clean and natural. Living a busy schedule. All on a budget. 

I've been feeling like I haven't been wanting a keep up this site because I don't know that it's useful, to me or others. But, maybe it is useful for me to have an outlet to write...even if it's only to practice my writing. And maybe, if I write for the sake of writing, I will help a few others in their quest to feed their families.

So, here I am again. Let's see if how long I can keep it up!

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