Reminder about eating meat.

In case you didn't notice, I've been away lately! We spent a good portion of March having company or being company. We tagged along on one of my husband's business trips where we saw close friends in Oklahoma. Then, there was a homeschool convention south of where we live so we hit that for two nights. After that, since we were already sort-of close to some friends who live near the beach, we just kept driving south to see them!

While we've been out-and-about touring the country (okay, two states), I had been thinking about what I could do to keep my brain engaged at a level beyond kindergarten planning for homeschooling. Today, while ironing, I started watching the TED Talks about food on Netflix, and my desire to talk about food in America was rekindled! Bear with me while I engage my brain!

There are some things I take for granted these days and don't think to write about, such as reasons why my family has become vegetarian. Way back in 2010, I listed the top three reasons why we went vegetarian:

1. The living conditions of the animals. Cows shouldn't be kept in pens, standing in their own poop, eating corn, and given tons of antibiotics because of the food they are fed. It's just not "natural."
2. The diseases passed in the slaughtering practices and the resulting chemicals inserted into the meats to kill that bacteria.
3. The sustainability of America, and the world, eating as much meat as we do.

Over the past two years, my daughter's food allergies to meat has become more sensitive so we can't eat any meat in our house. I realized today, when watching TED Talks, that my answer to the question "why are you vegetarian?" has been "because my daughter is allergic to meat." That answer is only a small part as to why we're vegetarian.

We're vegetarian mainly because of the way meat is destroying agriculture in America, is risking lives in America, and is not necessary to the healthiness of America. I will not hide behind the reason "because of food allergies" anymore. I will articulate my beliefs that over-consumption of meat is unhealthy for our planet and our bodies.

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