Ocean Unit Study: Lesson Plan

Here's the complete plan for the ocean unit study. Yes - there are plenty of other activities and options out there, but I do want to move on to another unit study after this one!!

If I were a really good blogger, I'd link up where I found each of these ideas, but I'm not that good! Instead, click over to my Pinterest board to find all the sources (including the videos).

See list of books from previous post

1. Does it float or sink?
2. Salty Sea - does the egg float or sink in salty and non-salty water
3. Make an ocean in a bottle
4. Seeing Sea Salt - evaporate water and leave salt
5. Blowing on the water to show current
6. Floating water - difference layers of hot and cold water
7. Show how sand came from rocks using sugar cubes
8. compare sand, rocks, and shells using a magnifying glass

1. Send out surveys asking family/friends what their favorite ocean animal is to chart
2. Gummy fish estimation
3. Use goldfish crackers to measure pics of ocean animals
4. Roll an ocean dice and chart results (printable)
5. Sort Sea Shells by size and texture (I need to get these still!)
6. Count things in the books we'll reading using 2s, 5s, and 10s; count backwards, too

1. egg carton crabs
2. sensory bin with ocean animals
3. make a seahorse using colored tissue paper and glue
4. make a starfish using paint, glue, and sand
5. make a rainbow fish using a paper plate and circle stickers cut in half
6. make an octopus using hand print with four fingers
7. make colorful fish using foam kit I found at the thrift store today

1. Make an A to Z ocean book (will work on over several days)
2. Do ocean mazes
3. practice writing letters in the sand

Games (these are ones we already have):
1. Fishing for letters
2. Memory game with ocean animals
3. Tile game making ocean animals (kind of like tangrams)
4. Stare (I fished out the ocean pics - no pun intended!!)

1. Reading Rainbow: Sam the Sea Cow
2. Reading Rainbow: Jack, the Seal, and the Sea
3. Magic School Bus: Takes a Dive
4. Window to the Sea (Netflix Instant Play)
5. The Living Sea (Netflix Instant Play)
6. Dolphins (Netflix Instant Play)

1. Cut out sandwiches in the shape of fish and starfish

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