Gender bias

My brother (read here for an explanation, scroll to the bottom) often sends me messages about gender bias in reference to toys and such because he knows I hate gender bias. You see, sometimes, I get on a small soapbox about things. And often my soapbox talks have to do with women's rights. Like choice, and opportunity, and discrimination, and cultural issues, and media influence.

Memory tangent: Did I ever tell you that a co-worker used to call me "sweetheart" a lot? It was used as a compliment, but I had to say something eventually. I tried to be kind.

Back to the point. Today, I received an e-mail from him. I don't want to summarize it here, but the link's below. The mom in the article/blog post replied to a school e-mail list in a way that I definitely wouldn't have put in written form, but I would have thought in my head. Okay. I would have ranted about it aloud for a few days to several friends, but I wouldn't have sent the e-mail she sent. Of course, I would have addressed the issue, but not in the same way.

As I was writing him back, I thought you might enjoy the e-mail, too, because it makes me proud of my little girl.

His original e-mail with the title, Why do I get the feeling this could be you?:
Not that I at all disapprove ;)
-- C

My reply:

That's pretty funny. And another good reminder why we're not in school anymore!

Today, she made a city out of painter's tape on our dining room floor to drive around her cars. Race cars, mind you. And then she went and put her doll's hair in pigtails. At dinner time, I looked over and saw her doll, wearing a soccer uniform and pigtails, standing in the middle of her road. We're doing something right!

It's quite possible that he's been on the receiving end of one too many of my "I am woman. Hear me roar." soapbox discussions!

Sorry this post is scattered. I'm tired. It's late. 


Casey said...

small soapbox?


You might clarify that "The mom" in the 3rd paragraph refers to the author of the article as it was confusing to me and I'm the one who sent you the article!

Love ya!

DandW said...

You two are doing ALOT right!