A day of un-schooling.

We're new to homeschooling, but so far in our journey, we end up with at least one day a week being an "un-schooling" day.

Each week, I am prepared with curriculum plans to "teach" our daughter everyday. There are activities planned that focus on math and reading everyday, and then a different focus topic based on our main book each day. We have manipulatives, projects, and observations that are designed to be put in a lapbook for her to reference later.

Monday: Social Studies
Tuesday: Language Arts
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Math
Friday: Science

(**Reminder, we use Five In A Row Curriculum.)

Inevitably, something happens that steers us away from our curriculum, at least once a week. For example, today was GORGEOUS weather. Blue skies. No wind. 58 degrees. IN JANUARY! When I saw an e-mail from a new friend asking if we'd join them at the outdoor ice skating rink, we jumped at the chance.

Technically, I had plenty of time to cover our curriculum to "teach" our daughter today before leaving for the rink, but she really wanted to make a rag doll like she saw in the book we're reading, The Rag Coat. So we got out fabric scraps and started sewing. Then, we made a mad dash to the rink where she learned to skate.

Yep. She learned to skate today. The staff member that was on the ice was super nice, and he worked with her for two hours teaching her how to skate. Her determination and dedication to learning this new skill was amazing. She started the day hanging on to the wall, terrified of falling. She ended the day gliding on the ice, crossing the whole rink. She refused to leave the rink until she could skate.

Then, we went grocery shopping where we didn't take the time to teach math or reading, and we made it home in time for a very late lunch. Our neighborhood kids were getting out of school right as we finished eating so we bolted outside again to play. She was with friends until 5:15pm.

We finally came home, and she really wanted to play a new anatomy game (Somebody Board Game) so she and her dad played that. Then, we had dinner. And then, we remembered the science experiment she wanted to do yesterday so my husband went downstairs to gather things for it. I kept her upstairs and had her read me a granola recipe, measure ingredients, and do a quick lesson on fractions until he was ready for her.

They did an electricity experiment about voltage and circuits (and of course putting the wires on their tongues!) before heading up to read books and bed.

I'm telling you all of this for two reasons:
1. I was disappointed in myself today that we didn't do any school work. However, when I went line-by-line in our day, we actually did a heck of a lot that was teaching her many things.
2. I want you to understand why I'm always tired these days!

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DandW said...

You two teach in ways you don't even realize -- it's parenting. Enjoy!