Backpacks: LL Bean review

Meet my backpack. It's near and dear to my heart. You see, I was given it in 1993 to start high school. I needed a backpack for the school I was going to attend, and my mom saw this one on clearance in the LL Bean catalog. She ordered it hoping that I'd like it. Sure enough, I did! I carried it all 4 years of high school to every single class, every single field trip, and every single trip.

Then, I went to college. My folks offered to get me a new back pack, but mine was just getting broken in by that point. I took it to college and loved it! Somewhere along the lines, I thought: "Maybe this is looking a little ratty?? I should get a new one." So I got a new one. I used it for about a year before my trusty old LL Bean back pack was called back to duty. It was sturdy, perfectly designed for weight distribution, and light weight when it was empty.

Now, my daughter needs a new back pack for school. I know that many parents buy any old brand of back pack. Many parents buy ones with characters on them. Most just hope to make it through one year of school with the back pack. I struggle with this approach because I don't think it teaches kids value. It's just my opinion.

So I took my daughter to LL Bean to pick out a back pack because I trusted the durability and design of it. The one I thought she'd choose she thought was uncomfortable because the shoulder straps were too close to her neck. She told me that she thought the straps should be curved to be more comfortable. Yes, she really did tell me that. We asked the sales lady if there were any other smallish back packs in the store, and she recommended the critter pack. Low and behold, it had contoured straps!

It's BRIGHT pink (pinker than what the internet picture shows)! It has a butterfly on it! What more could a little girl ask for!??

It's LL Bean construction that'll last for years! If there is a problem with it breaking, I can call LL Bean to fix it free of charge (really, truly, they stand behind their products)! What more could a parent ask for???!

I highly recommend LL Bean back packs. I'm still using mine after 18 years of heavy use and abuse! It may not look pretty after all these years, but it sure does the job well!


DandW said...

You should send this to LLBean.

Kim said...

I can't believe you still have that thing!! I remember it well! :)

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