The travels of Bear

Bear is pretty special in our house. So special that when my daughter started needing to sleep with him, I bought 5 more to total 6 bears. To make sure that she didn't know there were 6, I hid them and washed the bear she'd been sleeping with with her sheets. Not until recently did she catch me sneaking in the clean bear from the hiding spot!

Recently, Bear hopped in my husband's suitcase for a work trip. Low and behold, Bear ended up in Atlanta!
Bear checking out the surroundings. 

Bear watching a show while Dad got ready for meetings. 

Bear trying to go to a meeting!

Bear getting ready to go to the airport.

My daughter looked forward to Bear's antics each morning! She'd much rather have had Dad at home each morning, but seeing Bear doing silly things gave her something to look forward to!


DandW said...

This is absolutely wonderful!! Way to go Dad!

Anonymous said...

Too freakin' cute! Leave it to RSL to be so creative. :)