Thursday's Thriftiness: Did I tell you we bought another new car?

Thursday's Thriftiness - Even before the recession, I was thrifty! My family budgets monthly, assesses finances bi-weekly, and only spends money we have in the bank. Additionally, we almost exclusively eat organic foods. It's a nutritional, environmental, and practical choice for us, but it's expensive. My hope for Thursdays is to be an outlet for me to share how I keep our organic grocery bill low and/or make financial trade-offs to eat the way I want to eat.

We bought another car, and we love it!!! And....we got a great deal! Hence, its posting in Thursday's Thriftiness.

It's a 2006 Highlander Hybrid. I swore I'd never buy a hybrid because of the impact of the batteries on the environment, but after assessing my driving style, it made a lot of sense. I realized that I drive 99.1% in the city. I also realized I wanted space in my car since I'm the one hauling kids. 

I saw this vehicle online at a price that was higher than I was willing to pay for the mileage and year (2006, 56,000 miles). Then, one night, I saw it drop $5000!!!!!!! The next day Robert called the dealership to talk to them about the car. Next thing I knew, he was arranging to have the car driven to our house before dark so that we could look it over, test drive it, and buy it! Once we decided we wanted it, he drove back into the dealership with the sales guy to do the paperwork. The next day I took my paperwork into the dealership. 

And now we have a 4x4 (this isn't a traditional 4x4, but it's enough extra power in snow conditions to make me happy), 7 seating, roomy, SUV that we love!

I know you're curious about the real-world city-driving-only gas mileage:
First Fill-up: 22.1 mpg

Second Fill-up: 23.4 mpg

Third Fill-up: 23.6 mpg

It appears the weather impacts the mpg. I'm eager to see how it does in the summer!

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DandW said...

The car looks and sounds great. Lots of room for all our luggage:)!