Moving Again

To continue discussing my first 30 days of the new year, today's topic is moving. Yep. We're moving AGAIN. Here's why:

Our landlord was supposed to be on a dream assignment with the State Department in Australia. Supposedly, this was her last assignment, and it was highly unlikely she'd be returning to the area because she planned on retiring elsewhere.  When we found out she was State Department, we almost withdrew our application for the house. However, the realtor and her neighbor assured us that it was highly unlikely she'd be returning to the house.
(Our current house)

Sigh. Her three year assignment was changed to 2 -2.5 years. Starting in May, we'll be on a month-to-month lease, with either party being able to opt-out by giving a 30 notice.

If you remember, this SAME EXACT problem is what brought us to this house. Sigh. Again.

(Our first house out here)

You might be asking yourself: what's the big deal? Well, it's simple: our daughter starts Kindergarten next year. We were really hoping that she wouldn't have to change schools once she started. If we have to keep moving around, she'll have to keep changing schools. Arg.

Thankfully, our county and town have two options that might help us. We will be entering her into two lotteries: one for a magnet school and one for a Spanish immersion program. If she gets into either one, then she'll go to that school regardless of what school boundary we live in. That would give us tons of flexibility in our moves.

Last time we moved, we decided on our location in hopes of her going to the school nearby since it was a great school AND half-day kindergarten. But now the county is trying very, very hard to go to full-day kindergarten so that criteria is useless because our neighborhood school could change to full-day by September.

All that explains our stress about this move. Oh, yeah, and the actual moving, resettling, resetting utilities, etc.

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Anonymous said...

You should adopt Willie Nelson's song "On the Road Again" as your theme song!