Shocking Food Fact: The government influences the food you eat!

Wednesday's What Are You Eating - My daughter's extensive list of unusual and changing food allergies has ruled my food life for almost two years. During these years, I've learned a lot about our Nation's food supply. My hope is to share a little bit of what I've learned so that awareness might increase about our food

I've stated before that my family chooses to eat organic, in part, because of the politics surrounding our food. When I started on my food journey, I had NO IDEA how much my food choices were influenced by the legislature and courts of America. 

I recently saw an article in the New York Times that almost had my jaw to the floor reporting about food politics: While Warning About Fat, US Pushes Cheese Sales. You see, according to the article, which I admit to not checking facts because it's from the New York Times, there's a division of the USDA which is actually promoting cheese sales. 

If this was an independent company promoting cheese sales, I wouldn't be shocked. Of course, Dominos, Taco Bell, McDonald's, etc, want help in promoting foods that consumers want, and these fast food companies want to pay less out of their own pocketbooks to market those foods by teaming with other companies. I totally get that scenario. 

What I'm floored at is that the "company" promoting cheese to consumers, Diary Management, is a division of the USDA, which is the part of our government encouraging us to eat LESS saturated fat, MORE fruits and vegetables, and LESS calories. Why on earth does the USDA have Diary Management under its wing? Politics, my friends. Politics.

I'm not going to summarize the article because I can't do it justice. It fascinating; please go read at least part of it!

Since you don't have to read my summary of the article, I'm listing two reminders about your food:
1. If your food has a marketing plan, it's probably not such a good idea to eat it. Obviously, this excludes the Five A Day marketing plan.
2. Unless you're buying from an independent, organic or beyond organic farmer, the food you have access to is probably being impacted by the politics of this country. 

With that being said, I really enjoyed my cottage cheese snack :)

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Kim said...

Ok, I'm SO far behind on your posts!!

I have to agree with the government on promoting cheese though - with the stipulation that it's GOOD quality imported cheese (or exotic made-in-America cheeses). I was just reading a Newsweek article on how the government is influencing what can be purchased with food stamps (a whole other topic!!), and a French sociologist made the following comment (slightly paraphrased): "When Americans are asked 'What is eating well', they answer with talk of calories, carbs, fats and sugars. When the French are asked 'What is eating well', they answer in terms of togetherness, intimacy and good tastes unfolding in a predictable way", which includes cheese, bread and aged meats.

Life is not good without cheese! :)