New headlights.

Thursday's Thriftiness - Even before the recession, I was thrifty! My family budgets monthly, assesses finances bi-weekly, and only spend money we have. Additionally, we almost exclusively eat orgnic foods. It's a nutritional, environmental, and practical choice for us, but it's expensive. My hope for Thursdays is to be an outlet for me to share how I keep our organic grocery bill low and/or make financial trade-offs to eat the way I want to eat.

No I didn't get a boob job! My car has a new set of headlights!

We failed inspection last week. We had to drive around town with a sticker in the middle of our window announcing that we'd failed! According to the dealership, the part was going to cost almost $400. WHAT!!!!!??! The mechanic said he found an off-market part for $235. Hmmm.... sounding better. Another mechanic suggested I look online to order the part myself to save money.

Did you know Amazon sells car parts? They do! We bought BOTH headlights for $173 and change. We bought the special screwdriver head we needed for $8 at Home Depot, but we ended up finding some we already had so we were able to return those! This means that our new headlights only cost 25 minutes to install and $173. Had I taken it to the dealership, the same repair would have cost $800. Had I taken it to the mechanic, the same repair would have cost $510 (that's with labor). After spending about an hour researching what to do, I spent $173. 

This was a great savings! 

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!