What's Up With Allergies: A successful, allergy-friendly vacation!

We had a wonderful beach vacation last week! It took plenty of planning, but it was all worth it! Our daughter had a fabulous time and so did we!

Here's the planning that went into this vacation to make it allergy friendly:
1. I searched for a beach front condo that had a kitchen. I wanted a refrigerator so that I wasn't worrying about keeping food temperatures level in a cooler for the entire week. Also, I wanted the convenience of a stove and microwave. This wasn't as important as the refrigerator, though.

2. I menu planned the week before and made two lists from the menu. The first list was all the food I needed to take with me to follow the menu while we were there. The second list was the grocery shopping list. Of course, I made this list categorized by store to speed up my shopping.

3. I cooked as much food ahead of time as I could. The major dish I made ahead was the baked ziti. I also had muffins, apple bars, and breads made to take with us.

4. I packed clothes, toys, tents, etc. Notice that this only accounts for one bullet point! It's so much easier to bring everything other than the food!

So, we made it through the week without any incident, and we had enough food! We even found a carmel corn restaurant that had carmel corn she could eat. Unfortunately, she'd decided she didn't like popcorn so my husband and I enjoyed the treat! We hadn't had carmel corn in years.....hmmm, was it good!

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