To buy or not to buy organic. That is the question.

I saw TIME did a feature article on organic food a few weeks ago. If you're confused about whether or not to buy organic, this article won't help. Basically, it just justifies your confusion. Unfortunately, it's written in the "new style" of TIME. At least that's what I call the current state of quality of writing in the magazine. That's probably not too relevant to my post....but still frustrating to see how a top-notch magazine once prized for being well-written has gone downhill.

Back to my point. The article does an adequate job of summarizing why people choose to buy organic:
1. the fear of pesticides and other contaminants to the food impacting our health.
2. the fear of pesticides and other contaminants to the earth.
3. the inhumane treatments and feeding practices to animals.
4. the taste of the food.

Take a few minutes to read the article to see where you think you fall......
What's So Great About Organic Food

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