Food Waste Friday and Friday Food Plan

Y'all. It's been busy here. And stressful. I guess those two things go hand-in-hand. It's left me not really knowing which direction I'm going. With a husband who was out-of-town for some of the week, I think I only ate one balanced dinner. I'm hoping that this coming week will be much calmer, have less stress, and be more food centered! I always feel so much better when that happens!

Food Waste:
1/4 cup cream cheese
2 hot dog buns (this kills me since they're sooooo expensive! $4 for 8. The only ones we can buy for our daughter.)
2 lemons
2 limes

I guess two was my lucky number this week! Overall, I feel really good about how little I threw away!!! How'd you do?

Food Plan:
I can't come up with anything. It's been too long of a week. I just don't have it in me to think about what I'm eating next week. If I come up with a plan this weekend, I'll post it! Otherwise, I'll be flying by the seat of my pants next week and have a nightly post of what the heck we ate that night!

Tonight, we had sloppy joes, corn, broccoli, watermelon, and chips! The first balanced meal I've had all week


Alea Milham said...

I hear you on the hot dog buns! I was just chatting with Shirley of Gluten Free Easily about how painful it is to waste gluten free food since it is so expensive!

I hope next week is a better one for you!

Kim said...

Since I get most of my food saving ideas from you, this is probably redundant. To save lemons and limes I squeeze the juice into an ice tray, and then bag the cubes when they're frozen. And why the heck aren't you freezing your hot dog buns to begin with? I freeze the cheap ones (although, they do get a little beat up in the freezer since we don't eat hot dogs all that much!) :) said...

Alea, Thanks for visiting my site! I'm hoping over to your site to check it out!

Kim, Love your idea about pre-squeezing the lemon and lime juice. I throw mine in freezer bags sliced and ready for drink or juicing. Juicing frozen ones isn't so fun, though. And...I don't know how the buns didn't get in the freezer...they normally do.