What's Up With Allergies: Allergy Friendly Cupcakes (and Parties!)

Aren't these cupcakes beautiful???? One of our family's great friends celebrated their daughter's fourth birthday this past weekend. Not only did my girlfriend host an amazing birthday party, but she also went above and beyond by offering all allergy friendly foods for my daughter! It was so awesome to see my daughter's face when I'd tell her, "Yes. Miss V made that so you could have it!"

These cupcakes were a collaboration. I had seen a blog post on Lovely Paper Shop (don't know how I found that site!) and my girlfriend was creative enough to make them actually happen! Didn't she do a great job with the paper wrappers and the flowers? I cooked the cupcakes and she made them look beautiful!

Once again, I used The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, Heavy-Duty Revised Edition for the recipe. We opted to try the Easy Yellow Cupcake recipe. They were light and airy as promised! Of course, the kids mainly ate the icing, but truly, isn't that what we adults really want to eat, too? For the icing, I used Martha Stewart's Easy White Icing recipe with a little extra whole milk and powered sugar to make it a little whiter.

To make these allergy friendly, I substituted regular all-purpose flour with barley-free all-purpose flour from Whole Foods. I also used soy-free butter. To avoid needing to spray the cupcake pan (most sprays have soy), I just used some nice cupcake liners.

On the rest of the menu for the party, there were fish shaped tuna fish sandwiches, cheese cubes, lots of fresh fruit, chips, and popcorn! The kids had a great time with all the activities and the food!


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Kim said...

Well, I'm SO excited about a party she could dive into without resevations! :)

I'm also SO excited about that blog you mentioned!!! I'm totally stealing the cupcake paper idea! ;)

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