Take Time to Care: Homemade Mojitos

Sometimes on a hot summer night, you just need an adult beverage! I had my first mojito on a girls' night out with a fantastic lobster roll! After a long, hot day, I decided that I should try to replicate my own at home!

I cut some fresh mint from my front planter, got out my bartender's guide (note that I've never used it before in 9 years of marriage), found something to work in place of a muddle, and made a beautiful mojito. Man was it good! It soothed my soul! I would recommend that you drink it with a lobster roll, but if that's not an option, make sure you eat it with something substantial or the rum will do a number on you!

Enjoy a little TLC for yourself! Cheers!

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DandW said...

Please post the mojito recipe. Thanks