Friday's Food Plan: Still no stove (sort of...)

I hope you're feeling sorry for me because, seriously, this stinks! Here's the shortened story of the (continuing) stove story:

My stove broke. I called the repair company after calling the property management company. A person or two went on vacation and my paperwork got lost. I called, and called, and called, and e-mailed, and e-mailed, and e-mailed until I finally found the go-to man. Low and behold, a new stove was ordered for me! It came yesterday. It didn't work when they plugged it in. The clock came on (just like my old one) and the burners didn't work (just like my old one). They pulled it back out and started checking the outlet. Sure enough, something looked wrong and they "hot-wired" it. Sounds safe, right? They told me an electrician needed to come out. I asked where my old stove was going....drum roll the dump! No. I don't think so. I could not go to sleep without fighting for my old stove. It seemed pretty obvious to me that the outlet could have been the problem with the old stove so I held the repairmen hostage (ok, not really) until I called the property management company. My stove is safe until an electrician checks out the outlet. The electrician comes tomorrow morning. Oh, and did I mentioned the new stove isn't the right color? Yep. The saga continues.

And because of this saga, I'm not making a meal plan, again. I just don't have it in me to care too much. Maybe I should go to the library and look for a cookbook on how to cook without a stove or oven!

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